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Are Ipad Air 10.9 Cases With Keyboard A Good Investment?

iPad air 10.9 case

When you buy an iPad, you should do your best to keep it safe. Because of this, it’s important to get the right case for it. But these days, a case isn’t just a case. Now you can buy an iPad air 10.9 case with a keyboard that will protect your iPad and make your life easier with features like a place to store your Apple Pencil, trackpads, and kickstands that can adjust for better use.

What to think before you buy an iPad air 10.9 case with keyboard


The first thing to consider is whether the case will work with your iPad. As you’d expect, different cases are made for other iPads. For instance, an iPad Mini case won’t fit on an iPad Pro. Because of this, you need to check the size of your iPad before buying the keyboard case you want.


Again, there are different sizes of cases. Some of them are small, while others are pretty big. If you use programs like Microsoft Word to edit and design, you should get a case with a lot of space because it will come with a big keyboard. A small case will work if you love watching movies and talking.


If you want a keyboard case that can withstand normal wear and tear, you should buy one from a trusted brand. These cases are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials that won’t get scratched or break if you accidentally drop them. Most fakes are easy to break, and some might need help to fit your iPad Air 10.9 cases. Apple and Zugu Case are two brands to buy from.

Different kinds of materials can be used to make iPad keyboard cases. You can get anything from leather, silicone, TPU, and other materials. As you might expect, leather cases are more expensive and last longer. Also, they often have extra features like compartments. Silicone and TPU cases are less expensive but keep your iPad safe.


Again, the market has many different styles. Which one is best depends on what you like. Some cases will have a keyboard that can be removed, while others will have a keyboard built into the case.

You’ll also get magnetic cases that let you attach your iPad when necessary. Others will have a silicone layer inside to protect them better.

Benefits of using iPad air 10.9 cases with a keyboard:

Even though iPad keyboard cases have some problems that can’t be denied, a few things make up for those problems. Here are some of them:

  • Backlit keys let you type even in the dark or in places with little light.
  • Long-lasting batteries that can last for days
  • There is a USB-C port that enables you to charge other devices.
  • More viewing angles to make things easier (depending on the brand you purchased)
  • Built-in trackpads make it easy to move around and build a presentation.
  • Magnets that are strong and easy to use
  • Your iPad will be safe in every way.

Common issues related to iPad air 10.9 cases with the keyboard:


Almost everyone who has bought an iPad keyboard case will agree it is heavy, even though many companies make this accessory. So, this weight issue is a real worry for anyone who wants to turn their iPad into a MacBook. Most Macbooks weigh less than 2 pounds, but most iPad keyboard cases are heavy because they are made to last.

Weight is not evenly spread out:

Not only is the overall weight a problem for many buyers, but the weight is not spread out evenly, which is also a problem. For example, most of the weight of PCs and Macbooks is at the bottom, which makes them stable on almost any surface. But that’s not true of the iPad Air 10.9 case with a keyboard. Since the iPad stays on top, there are more things on the top of the case than on the bottom.

Because the weight isn’t spread out evenly, the whole thing can only sit comfortably on a flat surface. You can’t use it on your lap or any other curved surface because the iPad will make it fall over. So, a desk or table is the best place to use an iPad with a keyboard case. So, it’s not a laptop.

Exterior material:

If you want to be fair to Apple and those who make iPad keyboard cases, you must admit they are pretty clever. Most of them have strong magnets that hold the iPad securely to the cover. But only some buyers like that the outside of Apple keyboard cases is rubberized. They say it’s easy for dust and stains to stick to it and can be hard to clean. Different materials for the back would have been better, but Apple has a reason for making the phone outside out of rubber.

Small trackpads and only a few angles to change:

The small trackpad is another thing that people who have bought iPad keyboard cases don’t like. Some say it’s too small and gets in the way when trying to type. Others have also noticed that many keyboard cases make it hard to see the screen from certain angles. Even though these are valid points of view, other users say it’s not a big deal.

End notes:

The iPad Air 10.9 case with a keyboard is an excellent way to spend your money. The extra money you pay for them is well spent. You just made the right choice by getting a hacked-together Macbook for all your personal and business needs.


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