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Cost Of Coronavirus Vaccinations After Government Contracts

Government contracts with the pharmaceutical firms that provide the coronavirus vaccinations will also run out in 2023.

Government contracts for coronavirus vaccinations with pharmaceutical firms are anticipated to expire in 2023. The commercial pricing for the vaccinations is anticipated to be formally announced in the near future by Pfizer and Moderna.

The pricing they have published so far indicates that $ 130 is the upper limit. Obviously, the vaccination will be provided without charge to anyone with private or public insurance, according to executives of the pharmaceutical firms.

The Pfizer Vaccination Costs Between 110 And 130 Dollars

After the U.S. Government’s current purchase programme expires, Pfizer is anticipated to double the cost of the coronavirus vaccine, bringing it to between $110 and $130 per dosage. Currently, the government pays Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech SE around $30 per dosage. Vaccines will be on sale in 2023 after the public health emergency in the US is over.

According to Pfizer, the market for adults will be around the same size as the flu vaccine market each year, while the market for children will take longer to develop based on the vaccinations that have already been administered. In the first six weeks after going into circulation, a booster dose of vaccination was given to around 14.8 million Americans. Even though at the time only the elderly and immunocompromised were eligible, almost 22 million individuals got the third shot during the 2021 revaccination campaign.

According to Pfizer CEO Lukin, the vaccine market will transition to the private sector by the first quarter of 2023. The action is contingent upon the government’s contracted supply running out.

supply by the government

Same Cost For Moderna

According to a Wall Street Journal story, Moderna will likely charge between $110 and $130 each dosage, similar to Pfizer. The pricing range under consideration is comparable to what Pfizer Inc. said it was exploring in October for the vaccine it developed with BioNTech SE.

However, the anticipated cost for private insurance firms will be much more than the price each instalment under Moderna’s supply agreements with the federal government.

What Are The Prices Of Booster Shots?

A government supply deal signed in July 2022 specifies a price for Moderna’s upgraded booster injections of roughly $26 per dosage. In past supply agreements, the initial vaccination was priced at $15 to $16 per dosage.

All doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been acquired by the federal government and made freely accessible to the public thus far. After the supply obtained via government contracts runs out, enterprises will have to move to conventional commercial distribution, according to U.S. authorities.

standard commercial distribution

Conversations With Pharmacies And Hospitals

In order to coordinate its vaccination programmes in advance of a prospective campaign that advises residents to take the booster dosage in the autumn, Moderna is in talks with hospital systems, pharmacies, and pharmacy provider managers, according to Mr. Bancel.

Senior officials said on Monday that they anticipate a minimum of $5 billion in vaccine sales for Covid-19 in 2023, with the possibility of acquiring further doses. Sales of the Covid-19 vaccination were over $18.4 billion for the whole year 2022.

Beyond the Covid-19 vaccine, the business is concentrating more on possible new medicines, such as an RSV vaccine or a vaccination against respiratory viruses. According to Mr. Bancel, Moderna anticipates publishing the findings of sizable research on the RSV vaccine shortly.


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