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Every Stunning Image From Keke Palmer And Darius Jackson’s Tropical Babymoon, While She Was Pregnant

Keke Palmer and her boyfriend Darius Jackson recently took a peaceful vacation as she prepares to give birth to her first child. Continue reading to see how she encourages us to embrace “the theme of the season”: relaxation.

Have you seen Keke Palmer’s babymoon pictures? Nope? Go ahead and scroll down.

The actress, 29, shared a photo of her recent tropical getaway with her Instagram fans to show her state of mind as she begins her next chapter.


The Jan. 3 post was titled “Happy new year.” “Baby moon was at its strongest. I’m really proud of myself for taking the time to relax on this vacation. I naturally become restless. Even when I’m on vacation, I like having a routine. I’ve learned to at least plan things gradually so I have something to finish that fits the season’s theme. which is to relax.”

The images showed Keke beaming as she enjoyed the beach and beautiful foliage, exposed her growing baby belly in a tiger print bikini, fed fish, and posed in front of an aircraft with her boyfriend Darius Jackson, a.k.a. Darius Daulton. And the pair took advantage of their break to unwind before the arrival of their new family member.

The Nope actress said she plans to continue the notion of leisure even after the vacation.

“I’ll abstain from utilising the phrase “soft girl life” or any other new catchphrase. Instead, I’ll simply declare that relaxation is my personal theme because I can, “She went on. “I learnt how to sacrifice from my father, and I have done so during many seasons. My dad takes the cake, however, out of both of my parents. I aspire to be like him. He has contributed so much, and his life is full. Giving and making sacrifices are not in my opinion terrible things; they are just a part of who I am and will always be. But we should accept something fresh in every season.”

And Keke is anticipating this transformation

I’m going to learn how to genuinely relax this season, she said. “How to go slowly (or more slowly than I have, which is fast for the typical person), because this does not necessarily mean that my zeal and enthusiasm will wane; rather, they will just change and progress through a new medium. How can using this pov to channel my talent make me sharper?”

“The key is. Everything that will happen has already begun to happen “the Real Jackson, the VP star said. “I just have to have fun. Be thankful for those who came before you and benefit from their sacrifices, prayers, and ability to act with meaning and ease.”

Keke updated her followers on her pregnancy after giving her message some thought. “Wow. I said widely, “She composed. “I could remove this. Unsure of why, but cringe. I adore my Crocs, @sza, and this baby-moving thing is so strange. I feel about it as shown on slide four.”


Scroll down to view images from the couple’s babymoon.


In December, Keke revealed she was expecting a child on Saturday Night Live. She was presenting the sketch comedy programme for the first time on this particular occasion, and soon she will be making her debut as a mother!

Opening a New Chapter in Style

While Keke and Darius have mostly kept their dating a secret, the Akeelah and the Bee actress offered fans a peek inside their love with this vacation photo. With the caption “To 2022, thank you for gifting me a family,” Darius shared his delight over the couple’s impending arrival on Instagram.


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