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Flu Shots Are Available Without A Prescription

For specific groups of the population, the influenza vaccine may now be obtained at pharmacies without the requirement for a prescription from a doctor.

The flu shot is given without charge, and EOPYY and other insurance funds cover the cost.

Viruses “spread” the world; thousands of children suffer; a medical safari

Who It Affects

The relevant circular states that the action applies to adult demographic segments that are at higher risk, specifically:

Adults and people over the age of 60 who apparently have one or more of the chronic illnesses or aggravating factors listed below: – Chronic respiratory conditions include asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

– persistent heart disease

– Immunostimulation (hereditary or acquired)

– Bone marrow transplants and organ transplants


Sickle cell disease (and other hemoglobinopathies)

– Type 2 diabetes or another persistent metabolic illness

– Chronic kidney disease

Chronic liver conditions

– Disorders of the nervous system and muscles

– The Down syndrome

– Lechoids, nursing mothers, and pregnant women of any gestational age.

– Individuals with morbid obesity (BMI > 40 kg/m2)

Persons who care for or live with people who have an underlying illness, which raises the chance of flu complications. Close contact with children under the age of six months is another risk factor.

Closed populations, including employees and internal students (at universities, military and police academies, special schools, etc.), recruits, elderly and chronically sick care facilities, detention centres, etc.

Workers in refugee and migrant housing facilities as well as medical and nursing professionals, other workers, and clinical practice students in the health professions.


Veterinarians, poultry and pig farmers, breeders, slaughterhouse workers, and anybody else who regularly interacts with poultry or pigs.


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