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For The Next Fiat Tipo, A New SUV Orientation

The Tipo’s next generation will “swap” its hatchback identity for an SUV body, adamantly asserting its rightful position among cars that are geared toward families and are inspired by adventurous lifestyles.

As part of the strategic planning of the Stellantis group, to which it has now moved, Fiat is getting ready to launch a significant product renewal strategy.

Parts of the plan, with a four-year time frame, include the Punto’s resuscitation and the Panda’s complete restoration, but the new Tipo, which is anticipated to become an SUV starting in 2025, will be the most immediate undertaking for the time being.

As Olivier Francois, the CEO of the Italian company, pointed out in a distinctive manner, “We like Fiat since it fundamentally has two missions: cheap family options and urban mobility. The second refers to enough room and only ample space, cost-effective places, and inventiveness when it comes to those tiny details that make life easier for the whole family in automobiles. In 2025, you’ll start to see the C-Segment, to which I’m referring. Going beyond the boundaries of the category, as everyone does, we must replace the Tipo since it won’t be replaced by the same model. It will thus tackle SUVs, but in a unique manner.”

The proposals state that the new Tipo will be made accessible worldwide in light of Fiat’s profitability goals, the company’s new strategy of unifying its product line under the Stellantis group, as well as the global reach of this particular class of cars.

The new model is anticipated to start with the new STLA Small architecture, which will eventually replace the CMP / e-CMP platforms, given the time gap between us and the new Fiat Tipo and the technical advancements occurring inside the Stellantis Group.

The next Tipo will be a totally electric SUV as well as one with a time frame of 2025, as Olivier Francois notes, since as far as Europe is concerned, “Our goal is for every new vehicle we introduce starting in 2024 to be entirely electric. And now we are able to do so because of the Stellantis group.”

He said that the ultimate choice would, of course, be determined by market trends.

“The cost of batteries is not decreasing as quickly as we would want, so we must pay attention to the market, listen to our consumers, and follow their lead. However, if the necessary infrastructural and technological advancements permit it, we will be prepared “He continues,

It should be noted that the new Tipo is intended to include conventional versions in its range, but based on the design described above, these will be targeted at the rest of the world. It is unclear, however, whether this will be limited to the entirely electric version or whether conditions will eventually bring them to Europe.

“We will have two automobiles, one of which will be all-electric, and we will have time to make decisions and decide what to do. Although we have a vision, we are also practical “, said the Fiat executive.

Tipo made his debut in 2015, as is well known. With 125,000 copies, in 2016, sales reached an all-time high. Due to the relocation of manufacturing of the Opel Combo and Fiat Doblo to the Vigo factory in Spain, the “new” Tipo’s production may rise in Turkey, where there is considerable room.


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