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Hall Effect Joystick Sensors Are Sold By Gulikit As A Joy-Con Anti-Drift Solution

A well-known producer of high-end gaming accessories, GuliKit, has shared a lot of details about their “Hall Joystick for Joy-Con.”

The business claims that this update kit will be the most effective remedy for the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons’ drifting issue.

Hall Effect Joystick Upgrade Kit From Gulikit

With the use of its “Hall Joystick” sensors, GuliKit has revealed some intriguing facts on how to prevent Joy-Con drift on the Nintendo Switch.

A customised replacement component for the Joy-Con analogue stick called the “Hall Joystick” has been made available by GuliKit, according to the Japanese news website Automaton.

It should be mentioned that while being designed for a Nintendo Switch, this is not an official Nintendo product.

According to GuliKit, it is interchangeable and uses less energy than the typical Nintendo stick. Its usage of the Hall element to identify a gamer’s stick movements is its strongest feature.

An analogue stick is a common component of Joy-Cons, and it often slams against the metal brush component. The GuliKit sensors, on the other hand, prevent the drift by forbidding any physical touch within.

Users of the Switch have had a difficult time overcoming the drifting problem with the controllers. Most of the time, it is so frustrating that the stick will act suddenly without being touched.

Joy-Con Lawsuit From Nintendo

Many portable players have been plagued by this issue to the point that some considered suing Nintendo for negligently under-engineering this device.

Some people think Nintendo has a better way to completely prevent this from occurring, but it has chosen to ignore the issue. Others believe that dust buildup in the guts of the controller is the primary cause of Joy-Con drift.

The Gulikit Hall Effect Joystick Kit Cost

It’s fascinating to see how businesses come up with such amazing solutions to address consumer issues.

Although some people claim that taking apart a Joy-Con might fix the issue, it still occurs. Finding the finest remedy for this discomfort is challenging for this reason.

What GuliKit now provides, according to Notebookcheck, may be purchased separately with the KingKong 2 Pro. With this, you can put an end to mechanical wear that might harm your controller and cause a drifting problem.

The GuliKit Hall Effect upgrade kit is now available in the US, the UK, and Europe.

You may visit GuliKit’s official website to learn more about this product and see its features. You may easily buy this item by clicking this link and adding it to your shopping cart. You will only pay $29.70 for the kit.

A unique modification for the Steam Deck’s heatsink backplate has been reported by Tech Times. Even after playing a demanding game, the translucent shell will keep your device cooler.


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