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How to Get Ready to Leave Your Job

Is quiet quitting ineffective? Need to get outside once more? Before giving your two weeks’ notice, follow these steps to prepare yourself and your digital life.

Ready to give up? Can’t stand to be at the office (physical or virtual) one more day? Is silent quitting (Opens in a new window) just ineffective? It’s not just you.

A recent McKinsey report (Opens in a new window) indicated that 40% of workers in six nations are intending to join the Great Resignation before the year is over. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that more than 4 million people would resign from their jobs in June 2022.

That is a lot of discontented folks. We understand if you’re one of them. The majority of us were able to maintain our composure while working remotely during COVID, but some companies are suddenly demanding, requiring us to leave the couch and return to the office. Apple just established a strict Return to the Office (RTO) policy, and there are already a number of irate workers complaining on Reddit(Opens in a new window).


But go through these instructions before submitting your notice. There are steps you can do and technological strategies you may use to defend yourself.

Prior To Submitting Your Notice

Hand in Your Notice


Put Your Mind At Ease

A significant step is giving up. Don’t rush into it. Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of remaining and leaving. Discuss it with a trusted friend or relative. Talk it out with a professional if you’re feeling resentful, angry, or disappointed about specific circumstances rather than risk carrying that attitude into your next position (and repeating the same experience over and over again). Even if the employee didn’t go as anticipated, you could have gained some positive things from it, such as new contacts, certificates earned (and paid for), and fundamental living improvements (new car, dental work, vacations).

Be Private About It

First, do not tell your coworkers anything; only tell those you actually trust. Why? Because they either snitch on you to impress management or they try to get you to join them in the trenches because they don’t want to be by themselves. Keep your alternative employment a secret until you’ve given notice if you have one.

Test Your Technology

When it came to laptops, headsets, microphones, ring lights, phones, displays, etc., did your present company provide you with any equipment during COVID? If so, be ready to disconnect because they’ll want it back. Prior to giving your notice and then sending a vehicle to take it up, clean it up and remove anything personal so you’re prepared. Did they provide you with any office supplies? That has to be changed. There is nothing worse than having a painful back, and having to work at the kitchen table once again despite having a special adjustable chair and/or standing workstation.

Clean Up Your Hard Drive

Defragment Your Hard Drive

Before you even consider giving notice, take a long, cold look at your driving. Remove everything that gives you an unfavourable impression. Organize file names and get rid of duplicates.

Prepare All Expense Reports

Make your requests for repayment of expenditures if necessary before giving notice. Have a business AMEX? Before you depart, clean it.

Create Directions

Create a list of everything that will be required for someone to step in and carry out your duties after you have left by opening a document. Be considerate. Keep them from having to look up customer names, contact information, passwords, or the specifics of file folder nomenclature. To be useful, compile a list and provide links to everything. UNTIL YOU’VE GIVEN YOUR NOTICE, DO NOT SAVE THIS TO THE SHARED WORK DRIVE.

Make A New Password

Using the same unsecure passwords on many accounts from your home and place of employment? The SAME codes are used by 51% of individuals for both, so you are not alone (Opens in a new window). If you don’t stop right away, reset your passwords, and think about adopting a password manager, your successor may go through your browser’s history and log in to take over your Facebook account or delete your Instagram photos of sunsets. (Including multi-factor authentication there will also be helpful.)


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