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How To Know That Your Iphone Has A Hidden Scientific Calculator

Although the Calculator app on your iPhone may seem uninteresting and simple, there are a few intriguing tips to be aware of. You may ask Siri to do calculations for you, copy the results by holding down on them, paste numbers into the field by holding down on it, and erase digits one at a time by swiping left or right over the keypad. With only one easy action, the software may also be used as a scientific calculator.

You just need to move your iPhone in a certain direction to convert the standard calculator to a scientific one. Since it’s so simple, you’ve probably mistakenly activated it previously, in which case you are familiar with how it works.

Open Calculator, then turn your iPhone from portrait to landscape position if you haven’t already. You may use the app to do logarithms, square roots, trigonometric calculations, and more difficult arithmetic problems by automatically switching the programme to scientific mode. When you want to use the conventional calculator again, turn your phone to portrait.

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Make sure the portrait orientation lock is turned off if you’re having trouble getting the scientific calculator to appear. You can tell the screen is locked on iPhone models with Touch ID by looking at the lock icon inside a circular arrow in the status bar (Face ID models do not show it).

To verify, launch Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen (Touch ID models) or downward from the top right (Face ID models). Check to see whether the lock symbol is highlighted. If so, touch it to remove the restriction on portrait orientation. Use the scientific calculator method once more after that.


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