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How To – More Than 10 Unusual and Fantastic Uses for Magnets

Apart from adhering your crayon creations to your refrigerator door, magnets may be used for a surprising number of purposes. These range from keeping your chip bags closed to sketching strange designs on your nails using magnetic nail polish.

The world’s strongest magnet is 34 tonnes in weight and 22 feet tall. It possesses a 45-tesla magnetic field, which is 45,000 times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field. That’s fantastic, but our magnetic hacks won’t need such power. No, a basic permanent magnet will do just fine for us to locate true north, make a fridge pen, pick up sharp metal things, and remove iron from our cereal.

1 – Use A Magnet To Find True North

You thus need to locate the true north, but you don’t have a compass, and the sun and sky are obscured by clouds. Well, there is a method if you have a magnet, a cork, a basin of water, and a straight pin.

Rub the pin 50 times over the magnet in the same direction to locate north on the Earth’s axis. After that, insert the pin through the cork to make a kind of pointer. Finally, submerge the homemade magnetic needle in the water bowl to reveal the true north. The pin will always point north no matter which direction the bowl is turned or tilted.

2 – Using A Magnet, Find The Studs In A Wall

Why not utilise a magnet to look for studs behind walls when an electronic stud finder may be hit or miss in its ability to do so. The nails and/or screws holding the stud and (dry)wall together may be readily located using a powerful magnet. Simply slide the magnet over a wall until it adheres to it (like you would with a stud finder). What is going on? Under the paint, the metal fastener was discovered.

3 – Use Magnets To Keep Chip Bags Closed

If enough air gets to the crisps and bonds to the starch in them, an opened bag of potato chips may be travelling to Statesville. Using a bag clip is, of course, the straightforward option (or clothespin, binder clip, etc.). Nevertheless, if you don’t have one at hand but do have magnets, you still have a choice: Simply add magnets to the opposing edges of the chip bag’s top and fold it over many times.

4 – Create A Useful Magnetized Fridge Pen

You’re out of sriracha sauce. Want some paper towels? Don’t have the means to write it down but would want to leave a reminder? Make a fast fridge pen for the next time (and there will be a future time). To achieve this, just place a tiny magnet below the pen’s metal clip and attach the pen to your refrigerator. You are now prepared to make future shopping lists and notes for yourself.

5 – Pick Up Metal Items With A Magnet

In the event that you ever drop anything when working on a DIY project at home or going on a sewing binge, magnets are also quite helpful for securely picking up screws, needles, and other pointed things off the floor.

6 – Use A Magnet To Pull Objects Out Of A Drain

Avoid sticking your hand down the trash disposal or drain if an earring has fallen in there since it may be nasty and perhaps harmful. Utilize a magnet instead. A powerful magnet should first be wrapped in the string before being lowered down the sewer. Pull the metal object and the magnet steadily up and out after the magnet has secured itself to it. It is like a little rescue operation.

7 – Use Magnetised Paint And Polish In Your Designs

Using magnetic paint to decorate your home office, dorm room, or kitchen is a great DIY project. The iron dust-infused priming paint may be used to magnetise wall space to create a fascinating “board” for notes, pictures, receipts, and more. As each application will reduce the primer’s total magnetism, Bob Vila advises applying a lot of priming and painting it with no more than two coats.

Speaking of aesthetics, magnetic nail polish has just entered the world of beauty as a kind of magnetic “paint.” Simply place a magnet over newly painted nails to create some strange and entertaining patterns before the paint dries.

8 – Use A Magnetic Sheet To Seal A Vent

Simply cover a vent with a magnetic sheet to keep hot or cold air out of empty rooms in your house. You’ll save money on HVAC expenses thanks to this DIY, particularly throughout the summer and winter.

9 – Use A Magnet To Free Stuck Batteries

Having trouble removing a battery from its holder? All of us have been there. Let a magnet do the job instead of wasting (more) time and perhaps harming your fingers in the process. Almost any size magnet ought to be able to remove those obstinate batteries from their tightly packed battery holders. You’ll question why you didn’t do it earlier.

10 – Use Magnets To Stop Car Doors From Freezing

This magnetic trick may come in handy during the winter if your vehicle doesn’t have keyless entry. Your automobile door’s lock won’t freeze shut if you place a large, flat magnet over it overnight. You may utilise the time you save the next morning to de-ice your windscreen, which will still happen.

11 – Use A Magnet To Remove Iron From Cereal

And lastly, if you ever have a suspicion that the amount of iron in your fortified nutritious breakfast cereal isn’t as high as it claims to be, you can test your suspicion by pulverising the cereal in a blender and observing how much black iron fuzz adheres to a magnet as you sort through the cereal dust. Pretty strange and lovely, no?


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