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How To Take Screenshots And Share Videos On Xbox Series X And Series S

The Share button on the Xbox controller makes it simple to take a still photo or record a video

The Share button on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controllers makes it very simple to take pictures and record videos. Right in the middle of the gamepad, it may be found between the Change View and Menu buttons. It is simple to capture a picture photograph or a video clip, but there are several characteristics that may not be obvious. We’ll go through them with you.


How To Snap A Screenshot Or Record A Video Using A Regular Xbox Controller

Xbox Controller

At any time while playing a game, click the Share button to snap a screenshot. I’m done now! Very basic, huh?

Hold the Share button down to record a video. The previous 30 seconds of gaming will be automatically recorded by that action. By selecting the Guide button and going to the Capture and Share menu, you may adjust it to 60 seconds. See more below about it. But first, we’ll demonstrate how to stop automatic uploads of images and videos.


How To Use An Xbox Elite Controller To Take A Screenshot Or Video

Xbox Elite Controller

The build quality and customizability of the Xbox Elite and Elite Core Wireless Controllers are superb, however the Share button has been replaced with a Profile button that allows you to choose between several custom setups. As a consequence, taking screenshots and recording videos involves an extra step.

When You Wish To Capture A Screenshot Or A Video, Click The Guide Button

Select Capture Screenshot to capture a screenshot, Record What Happened to obtain a clip of the most recent action, or Start Recording to start recording a clip when you’re about to do something fantastic by going straight to the Capture & Share menu.


The Best Way To Stop Automatic Uploading

Automatic Uploading

Every clip you make with the Xbox Series X/S is immediately uploaded to Xbox Live by default. You must turn off that feature if you don’t want to share everything (which you probably don’t).

To access the Capture & Share screen, press the Guide button (the illuminated Xbox button), then scroll to the right.

Choose Don’t Upload under Capture Settings > Automatically Upload.

Tip: By choosing Game Clip Resolution under the Capture & Share section, you may choose the pixel counts and durations of your video clips. One minute of 1080p video, three minutes of 720p video, and 30 seconds of 4K video may all be recorded on the Xbox. Additionally, you may instruct the Xbox to automatically store screenshots to a linked USB drive in NTFS format and USB 3.0 compatibility. From the Capture & Share menu, just choose Capture Location and the external drive.

How to Distribute Your Images

It’s time to distribute your material now that you have it recorded. How? Read on.

Press the Guide button, then go to the Capture & Share page by scrolling to the right, then click Recent Captures.

To Access The Share Menu, Choose The Screenshot Or Video Clip That You Wish To Share


Your capture should be uploaded to OneDrive, Twitter, or Xbox Live. You may also cut a video clip that you want to share by choosing Trim from the menu.

Tip: Scroll down to All Captures if the image or video you wish to share isn’t in the Recent Captures option. Change On Xbox Live to On This Xbox by selecting it. Select the image you want to share, then click the Share button (it has the same icon as the Share button on the Xbox Wireless Controller). Following that, you may share or otherwise post your captures as you like.


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