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Indulge in Elegant Kosher Dining at 26Sushi and Tapas in Aventura

Kosher Restaurants in Florida

For patrons desiring exquisite kosher restaurants in Florida, 26Sushi and Tapas is a premier destination. Nestled in the vibrant city of Aventura just north of Miami, this contemporary eatery crafts creative sushi, tapas, and globally inspired entrees under strict rabbinical supervision.

By adhering to kosher laws in the kitchen, 26Sushi and Tapas allows customers to fully relish each bite without concern. They operate two separate cooking spaces for meat and dairy. An on-site mashgiach oversees all food preparation and cooking to ensure compliance with Kosher Miami standards.

Artistic Sushi Presentations

26Sushi and Tapas excels at transforming sushi into edible works of art. Specialty rolls like the Jade Dragon Roll and Geisha Roll are as beautiful to behold as they are delightful to eat. Beyond the signature creations, diners can craft their ideal sushi plate from the freshest cuts of fish like toro, unagi, and hamachi. The nigiri selections highlight the pure, rich flavors of the day’s catch.

Tapas Perfect for Sharing

On the tapas side, small plates like bacon-wrapped dates, pan-seared scallops, and Spanish tortilla allow patrons to sample a variety of flavors. Heartier tapas selections include jamón Serrano imported from Spain and paella loaded with saffron rice and seafood. An extensive cheese and charcuterie selection makes for impressive meat and cheese boards.

Global Influences

While 26Sushi and Tapas excels at Japanese and Spanish fare, their menu also infuses dishes with global elements. The salmon tartare combines the raw fish with tropical mango, creamy coconut milk, and spicy serranos for Thai-inspired zing. Moroccan spiced lamb chops take on an exotic personality from the blend of warm spices and honey glaze.

Latin flavor profiles shine through in dishes like the chimichurri hangar steak with authentic Argentinean flair. No matter your craving, the menu spans the globe with its creative offerings.

Refined Atmosphere

Equally impressive as the cuisine, the atmosphere at 26Sushi and Tapas envelops guests in relaxed elegance. Dark wood, modern pendant lighting, abstract artworks, and upbeat music create a cosmopolitan vibe. The floor-to-ceiling glass wine cellar provides a glimpse of the award-winning kosher wine selection.

Knowledgeable servers provide polished yet unintrusive service, answering questions and providing suggestions. For an exquisite kosher dining experience in South Florida, 26Sushi and Tapas stands out from the crowd. Taste for yourself why it earns accolades as one of the state’s finest kosher eateries.


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