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Microsoft Says That Well-Known AI Is Joining Bing To Take Against Google

Microsoft Says That Well-Known AI Is Joining Bing To Take Against Google


The artificial intelligence known as ChatGPT, which recently won over Silicon Valley with its aptitude at handling human language, has landed its first permanent position.

According to The Information, which cited people familiar with the situation, the American OpenAI system would soon be included in Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

According to the source, Microsoft plans to counter Google’s hegemony in the online search industry with the launch of the new feature in March.

Microsoft has also made a EUR 1 billion investment in this industry. dollars to OpenAI, a California-based business that Elon Musk helped create.

Late in November, ChatGPT made its free trials accessible. It has been programmed to converse with users and respond to their questions in plain English.

It has been used to create fairy tales, screenplays, essays, poetry, music, and even computer programmes, among other things.

The machine’s excellent performance instantly prompted predictions that artificial intelligence will fundamentally alter web searches.

The search engine may answer inquiries made in common English directly, as opposed to only providing lists of pertinent locations.

Even though it is creating its own artificial intelligence solutions, Google, which has controlled the search business for 20 years, may have cause for worry.

However, Microsoft aspires to catch up with it. Bing will be outfitted with OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 artificial intelligence, which produces pictures according to user directions, it was disclosed last year.


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