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On Her Glamorous Maternity Moment At The Golden Globes, Hilary Swank

At the Golden Globes last night, Hilary Swank had a lot to be happy about as she was nominated for Best Actress in a Television Series Drama. Swank, who is well-known for playing reporter Eileen Fitzgerald on ABC’s Alaska Daily, says she saw the chance to highlight a wider problem impacting the Indigenous people in real life as a result of the project. Swank tells Vogue, “The epidemic of missing and murdered Native women in Alaska, and the lack of recording and investigation of their cases is tragic and horrible.” (Thousands of Native Alaskan women have vanished, and their cases have not been investigated.) I’m appreciative that Disney asked me to take part in a programme that powerfully illuminates this systematic issue.

Swank, who is presently expecting twins with her husband Philip Schneider, required a distinctive appearance for the event. Together with stylist Thomas Carter Phillips, they discovered the most glitzy pregnancy moment of the evening. Swank wore a custom-made cady green Prada dress with black bows on the shoulder that reached the floor and served as a train. According to Phillips, when they talked about Hilary’s concept for the outfit, “she wanted to highlight her baby belly and make the garment seem exquisite and timeless.”

Swank and Phillips sought an exquisite outfit “with a hint of humour” while working with the Italian designer, according to Phillips. “I was instantly captivated to this style with the bow element at the shoulder when Prada provided us a series of concepts to explore,” the designer said. To ensure Swank would feel at ease and be able to wear the ensemble, certain precautions were taken. In order to find materials and shapes that Hilary would feel comfortable in, I worked closely with the Prada team, according to Phillips. “We chose this lovely Cady emerald green fabric since it properly accentuates her expanding belly and isn’t restricting at all.” Swank accessorised with Etoile ring, Victoria bracelet, and Archives earrings from Tiffany & Co.

Swank was similarly attracted to the dress’ simple ease of wear. She remarks, “I admired how simple and elegant it was—how timeless and traditional.” Swank claims that during her pregnancy, her perspective on fashion has changed, and this includes how she dresses for the awards season. At the time, comfort comes before fashion, so Swank explains, “I was also pleased that my Prada dress offered a lot of that on the way it hung.” “It was quite cosy!”


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