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Strategic Network Architecture Design: The Foundation of IT Success

Network Architecture Design

For modern enterprises, the network architecture underpinning operations has become mission critical. As companies embrace digital transformation, they rely on the network to enable cloud, mobility, IoT, advanced security, unified communications, and more. The network must provide the performance, agility, and reliability to power competitive initiatives.

That is why a purpose-built network architecture specifically designed for the organization’s needs is essential. Network design establishes the core foundations to support business goals now and in the future. Strategic architecture decisions avoid costly band-aid solutions down the road. For optimal success, companies are wise to partner with specialized firms like Ashburn Consulting for planning and design.

Elements of Network Architecture Design

Ashburn Consulting’s network architects focus on understanding the client’s applications, traffic flows, and infrastructure requirements. Key elements they design include:

  • Selecting optimal LAN/WAN infrastructure and topology for the organization’s sites and connectivity needs
  • Implementing software-defined architectures to enable automation and flexibility
  • Incorporating redundancy and resiliency to minimize disruptive downtime
  • Deploying wireless networks sized and tuned for capacity and seamless coverage
  • Integrating cloud connectivity and security for optimal performance
  • Building virtualized architectures to streamline operations
  • Planning capacity for future expansion and new initiatives

The Result: A Tailored Network Blueprint

The end result is a comprehensive network architecture design tailored to the client’s technical and business objectives. Ashburn provides detailed documentation covering all aspects of the strategic blueprint. Deliverables include:

  • Logical and physical network diagrams
  • Hardware and software specifications
  • Capacity analysis and traffic modeling
  • IP addressing and subnetting scheme
  • Proposed security architecture
  • Implementation roadmap based on priority
  • Guidance for monitoring, management and QoS
  • Recommendations for potential areas of cost optimization

With Ashburn’s vendor-agnostic expertise, clients gain an ideally suited strategy to support their success, avoiding the pitfalls of one-size-fits-all designs. The consultants continue guiding architecture evolution as needs change post-implementation. Their experience spans leading technologies to build future-ready networks.

Realizing the Business Benefits

With Ashburn’s help, clients realize many positive business impacts from a purpose-built network architecture including:

  • Enhanced performance, capacity and workforce productivity
  • Smoother integration of new technologies and applications
  • Improved reliability and preparedness for unplanned outages
  • Better leverage of resources and avoided premature obsolescence
  • Consistent user experience across sites and geos
  • Scalability to support growth and new initiatives
  • Reduced risk and accelerated deployment timeframes

To empower your business for the future, contact Ashburn Consulting today. Their experts become trusted partners for planning and designing an agile, robust network architecture aligned with your strategic goals.


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