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The First Image Of Touni And Alexandrou’s Baby Son

A wave of joy surrounds Ioanna Touni and Dimitris Alexandrou as they prepare to embrace their first child in their arms starting today, Tuesday.

The well-known influencer welcomed a healthy newborn boy into the world, and she announced the happy news in a post on social media.

“Baby and I are doing nicely. I’m very grateful for your attention and all of your kind notes, but right now I’m too exhausted and unorganised to do much more. I’ll return once I feel better. We would like not to go on a channel or make a comment about it, therefore I would beg the media to be understanding and refrain from calling Dimitris and me nonstop “Ioanna Touni wrote.

The Newborn’s First Image

Dimitris Alexandrou wrote his first post a little while afterwards.

“We appreciate your good wishes and greetings. Mom is quite resilient “Dimitris Alexandrou posted the first image of his kid along with the following message:

Alexandrou Baby Son

“To enter the hospital and begin the operations, we are awaiting the PCR findings. I’m usually chill. We are anticipating the most wonderful time of our life! Although I’m boiling within, we have to wait. I’m OK, Joanna. I will be giving delivery at that time. I’m eagerly anticipating it and want to participate. He is anxious but is trying not to show it “, Dimitris Alexandrou said just recently.

Of course, all of this is in the past now that they are holding their newborn in their arms and are ecstatic!


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