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The Most Recent Look Of Michelle Yeoh Belongs In “Everything, Everywhere All At Once”

Michelle Yeoh has joined the universe of enduring and constantly evolving red carpet styles.

On Thursday night, the renowned actor attended the 34th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival while dressed in an absurdist Schiaparelli Couture ensemble that seemed like it belonged in Everything Everywhere All at Once.

The outfit, which is brand-new from Schiaparelli’s autumn 2022 couture line, is eerily similar to Yeoh’s famed role in the absurdist action movie, in which she traverses many realms and battles strange animals. Yeoh slightly modified the Daniel Roseberry costume by pairing the voluminous satin skirt (which is shaped like a rose) with opaque black leggings and a structured orange crop top that is lavishly embellished with sequins and jewels. Salvador Dali and Parisian styles are also present.

Throughout the thrilling awards season for Everything Everywhere, Yeoh has skilfully changed into a “Schiaparelli girl.” Over the last few months, she has adopted some of Roseberry’s trademark looks as her own: the hat with the wide brim, the surrealist jewellery, and the finely fashioned A-line dresses. Yeoh appears to feel most at home in Rosenberry’s very unique environment during this awards season.


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