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The New Hyundai Kona Has Increased Comfort And Larger Proportions

Next photographs and details about the new generation of the Kona, which will be offered in conventional, hybrid, and pure electric versions and adopt greater proportions and enhanced technology at every level, are provided by the Korean brand.

Prior to the year’s conclusion, Hyundai unveiled the first photos of the second-generation Kona, which is anticipated to enhance every parameter thanks to its greater proportions while preserving the “biodiversity” of its available engine options.

As is well known, the design of the new Kona started with electrification in mind, with the rest of the vehicle being created after. Its introduction takes on a somewhat counterintuitive path as the Korean automaker initially provides more details about the conventional and hybrid models while holding back on disclosing their complete technical specifications as well as those of the Kona EV until next March when the model’s official debut will take place.

In the meanwhile, Hyundai is disclosing the 2019 Kona’s dimensions as well as some interior information, demonstrating the model’s increased focus on the comfort-usability-ergonomics triptych.

For example, the new Kona’s length has increased to 4.35 metres, boosting the comparable size by 14.5 cm, and its wheelbase, now at 2.66 metres, by 6.0 cm. Adding to the riddle of its new proportions are its 1,825 m width and 1.58 m height.

The Kona offers more comfort than ever before due to its bigger proportions, notably for rear seat occupants who have access to the largest area in the class in terms of breadth from an increase of 1.0 cm. In height but also by additional room for their lower limbs, due in part to freshly created chairs with only 8.5 cm of thickness.

height of 1.58 m

The back row of seats can be folded down to enhance the trunk’s volume, which can now hold up to 723 litres. As an added convenience feature, the loading compartment now has a door that opens electrically. The lack of a traditional gear selector has also created a lot of additional room in the centre console that may be used to store bigger objects. The selector has been relocated behind the steering wheel since the Kona will be offered with either an eight-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed dual-clutch transmission depending on the variant. The logic of the gearbox is shift-by-wire. The classic single-gear gearbox will remain present in the electrified version, and the selector’s location is not anticipated to change.

The electrically adjustable seats with memory, the mobile inductive charging system, and NFC technology, which enables the smartphone to be used as a key, all contribute to the new Kona’s greater utility. The new infotainment, which consists of two 12.3-inch screens for the digital instrument cluster and infotainment, does not fall short of the equation. It is, of course, compatible with Over-The-Air, but it also proposes a blend between the analogue and digital worlds as there are plenty of physical switches that serve as shortcuts, ensuring immediate and quick access to the various menus without the driver having to take their eyes off the road.

The new approach to sound insulation also contributes to the comfort provided since thicker glass surfaces have been used in addition to the increased sound insulation material, and floor coverings have received particular attention in addition to being thicker. Upgrades. 19-inch wheels with more effective sound-absorbing technology are furthermore offered in the same direction.

amounts to up to 723 liters

The emphasis of both the “simple” and hybrid variants will be an enhanced turbo engine with a capacity of 1.6 litres and available power ranging from 140 to 200 horsepower, depending on the configuration, despite Hyundai not yet announcing the engines. Although Hyundai has not yet commented on the electric model, it is anticipated to follow characteristics similar to those of the new KIA e-Niro, providing up to 204 horsepower and a noticeably longer range.


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