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The Purpose Of This Soundproof Bluetooth Mic Is To Reduce Noise During Calls Or Games

Shiftall, a Japanese company, created Mutalk, a Bluetooth microphone with noise reduction, to make those noisy gaming sessions more tolerable.

The 2018-founded Shiftall, which is now a Panasonic company, specialises on technologies for home appliances. The company’s emphasis has changed to virtual reality (VR) technology, nevertheless, in recent years. According to GameRant, they include MeganeX lightweight headgear and a range of body trackers for VTubers or those interested in exploring the Metaverse.

What Makes It Worth Buying?

The newest product from the firm is called Mutalk. It solves a problem that many gamers have from time to time: loud gaming sessions that could irritate other people. As a result, it could appeal to anyone other than VR aficionados.

It has a built-in automatic mute option. It will turn off when the desk is put down. When put in the mouth, you may start speaking straight away.

Since many years ago, Bluetooth headphones with noise cancellation or isolation technologies have been common gaming equipment. However, their main purpose is to block out ambient noise.

When it eventually releases in 2023, Shiftall’s Bluetooth soundproof mic will have a suggested retail price of around $200. It is intended to help everyone around the player as well.

Mutalk is a smaller version of the Meta Quest VR headset that fits over the mouth and has straps that go around the head.

Shiftall claims to be able to mute typical speaking voices by around 20 dB and loud screaming by up to 30 decibels so that a person seated at the same table cannot hear you.

Many players do have noise issues, which annoys other participants who are attempting to relax while the game is still going on. It is yet unclear how extensively this new product will be utilised.

What Particulars Are There?

Mutalk can be charged via its USB-C port and has a battery life of around eight hours. Additionally, it contains a 3.5mm headphone jack so you may use it with your smartphone to make calls without disturbing anyone around.

The gadget contains two cushions: one that supports your face and another that can be removed and cleansed to absorb perspiration. The device itself weighs just 6.4 ounces, even when used for extended periods of time.

Unusual But Helpful

Shiftall is not the only company creating new products that gamers may or may not find beneficial.

The Dyson Zone, a set of noise-cancelling headphones that also function as an air purifier, was introduced by Dyson in 2022. The filter, together with two small air pumps, is intended to be worn in front of the mouth, where it may capture and filter out dust, pollen, and other airborne particles that could irritate the mouth or make one sick.


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