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These Were The Best Smartphones Of 2023, From Apple To Android

Samsung’s foldable is the greatest they’ve ever been, yet Apple still came up with something intriguing

Regardless of where you purchase your cellphones, the past several years have seemed static in the world of smartphones. There was no need for the newest and best since we spent so much time inside our houses because life had slowed to a crawl. Upgraded hardware and a superior camera seemed to be secondary in comparison to everything else.

The importance of having a good smartphone then resurfaced when we began immunising and getting back to the grind. Simply because I thought, “If I’m going back out into the world again, I better have a phone that captures images I don’t need to edit every time I want to share them,” I was even motivated to update this year.

2022 was an excellent year to upgrade if you were already inclined to do so, but it wasn’t the year to persuade others who weren’t ready to upgrade to do so. For instance, the iPhone 14 Pro didn’t merely follow the pack; rather, it shed information on Apple’s future plans and was the first device to provide capabilities like satellite connection and complete eSIM protocol adoption. And although Samsung’s foldables are making every other Android phone seem boring in comparison, Google’s Pixel 7 Pro continues to rule the photography world.

Most of the time, 2023 succeeded in its attempt to be an intriguing year, keeping us interested enough to anticipate what lies ahead. The smartphone prediction for the next year makes an upgrade appear too alluring. But first, we need to take stock of where we are and where we are going.


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