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These Wireless Earbuds Can Be Kept On Your Keychain

The casing for the $39 JLab JBuds Mini is smaller than the one for an Apple AirPods pair.

Even the priciest wireless earphones are worthless if you forget to take them with you when you leave the house. The new JLab JBuds Mini, however, doesn’t have sophisticated electronic trackers that notify you if they are lost; instead, they come in a little charging case that you can discretely clip to your keys.

When JLab was last mentioned, it was in August 2021 when it released its $20 GO Air POP wireless earbuds, which offered eight hours of battery life (and up to 32 hours when used with the charging case provided). According to reviewers, these were among of the most reasonably priced no-frills wireless earbuds on the market at the time (skipping expensive features like ANC and wireless charging).

JLab will release its new JBuds Mini in 2023. The company claims that they come with a charging case that is 30% smaller than the one that came with the GO Air POP wireless earbuds and even smaller than the charging case for the Apple AirPods, which is one of the smallest and most convenient wireless earbud cases to tuck into a pocket.

The new JBuds Mini are still much less expensive than most of the competitors (the 2nd generation AirPods still cost $179), however, they aren’t nearly as inexpensive as the $20 GO Air POP wireless earbuds. They still have six hours of battery life, which can be extended to nearly 20 hours when used with the charging case, Bluetooth multipoint connection, Google Fast Pair, touch controls for adjusting playing or rapidly answering incoming calls, and USB-C charging on the charging case.

If you always remember to lock your door before leaving, you can be confident that your wireless earbuds will always be with you since the charging case has an incorporated fabric loop for connecting it to a keychain.


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