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Two Styling Tricks Katie Holmes Perfects With Just One Pair of Shoes

Katie Holmes has the ideal combination of a beautiful and functional wardrobe. She is renowned for her reasonably priced winter boots, soft knits, and superbly tailored jeans.

But she always manages to enhance and surprise us with these basic pieces—remember her cashmere knit bra from Khaite or last month’s contentious dress-over-jeans ensemble?

During a recent visit to Good Morning America when she promoted her off-Broadway production of The Wanderers, Holmes demonstrated her abilities even more. She solved two fashion puzzles when she entered the workplace this morning: how to combine metallics and how to wear your colourful party shoes in chilly weather.

Start with the first piece of advice. Holmes sported a pair of champagne wide-leg pants, a black leather jacket that was oversized, a white blouse, an emerald purse, and silver wedge shoes. The black jacket and black tights that Holmes was wearing subdued the combined metallics and provided balance (more on those later). It added a novel, unexpected touch to an already elegant ensemble.

Holmes donned some translucent black stockings to keep her shoes warm in the chilly winter. She is a native New Yorker after all; if it’s 30 degrees outside and your feet are exposed, you can’t go around the city. Remember that she is the same lady who sometimes lugs about two bags, acting as if she were simply another member of the general populace who takes the train. These two, like many of Katie Holmes’s finest styling tips, are simple to replicate and will elevate your next outfit to the next level of elegance.


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