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USA: 3,900 Jobs Are Lost At IBM

A second IT behemoth is implementing huge layoffs.

A person familiar with IBM’s plans told AFP on Wednesday that the IT company would eliminate roughly 3,900 positions, or little more than 1% of its workforce, as a result of layoffs related to its strategic change of course.

Both in the publication of its operating results on Wednesday and the teleconference for the presentation of its quarterly results, the corporation with headquarters in Armonk (state of New York) did not specifically mention the termination of this employment.

The Price Of Restitution

Her management only mentioned an increase in expenditure of $300 million. This is the price of compensation, according to the French Agency’s source.

According to a corporate spokeswoman, the decision “is totally tied to the independence of Kyndryl and the independence of our healthcare business.” He underlined that it had nothing to do “with the success of 2022 or the expectations for 2023.”

IBM’s consulting and computer maintenance business, a longstanding industry but less lucrative than the cloud services in which it made significant investments, was split off from the rest of the firm in 2021.

The newly formed organisation, known as Kyndryl, joined the stock market in November 2021 after the split.

Regarding the activities connected to the gathering and analysis of medical data, a branch of Watson Health was sold to the investment firm Francisco Partners in early 2022.

The roles associated with the plan to eliminate employment and/or layoff workers were still employed by IBM after the two spin-offs, but they were connected to the operations that were divided, the person said.

IBM said Monday that fourth-quarter revenue was somewhat higher than anticipated, and overall profitability was in line with analyst expectations.

After Wall Street Closed, The Price Of IBM Shares Decreased By About 2% In Online Trading

Following the wave of widespread recruiting that occurred during it, a number of IT businesses, including titans of the industry like Amazon, Meta (Facebook, Instagram), Microsoft, and Alphabet (Google), recently stated that they will go through with large-scale layoffs.


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